6 Restaurant Pendant Lighting Installations That Look Good Enough to Eat



1. Beato Restaurante


A simple row of Pod pendant lights in Amber add to the vibrant table and bench decor of this restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This restaurant pendant lighting installation uses multiple junction boxes and our standard ceiling canopies to achieve its look.







2. Pollen Street Social 


London's Pollen Street Social creates a visual guide from one end of the retaurant to the other using multiple rows of our classic Solitaire pendant light in Crystal glass. Once again, multiple junction boxes and a standard ceiling canopy do the trick to hang multiple pendant lights.





3. Outliers Eatery


Sapphire Oculo pendant lights galore adorn the interior of this Portland, Maine restaurant. While some hang in a row along the booth seating, others hang above separate tables to unify the restaurant pendant lighting throughout the space.





4. China Chilcano


Similar to the three installations above, China Chilcano uses restaurant pendant lighting in all the same color - Niche's rich Crimson hue. This time, however, the Washington DC eatery chose an array of pendant lighting shapes including our Pharos, Oculo, and Stargazer.



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5. Little Saigon


Now for something really crazy. Not only did Little Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in London, use different shaped pendant lights - they used different glass colors too. These shapes and color combinations represent a modern take on traditional Vietnamese paper lanterns.






6. Blenheim Restaurant


This unique New York City dining experience sources all of their ingredients from Blenheim Farm in the Catskills of upstate New York. That's not too far from Niche, so it was only fitting to choose our pendant lights for the farm-to-table space too. Above the dining booths and near the windows you'll find our Stamen, Aurora, Pharos, and Oculo pendant lights.