Pod Pendants in Beato Restaurante

Take a trip to São Paulo and visit Beato Restaurante, Niche Modern's new favorite restaurant in Brazil. Featuring a vibrant hue of colors ranging from blues to yellows, this restaurant is fun and refreshing. Key design elements such as accented bar stools and chairs in teal and green, and strategically placed pathways create an unique dining experience. The restaurant is airy and serene, a great combination for a night on the town.


Niche Modern Pod Pendants in Amber Niche Modern Pod Pendants

Above the bar is the Pod modern pendant in Amber. With its elongated and curvy design, the Pod hangs boldly above the dining tables. Each Niche Modern Pod pendant is hand blown in our Beacon studios and makes each pendant unique in its artisanal and design beginnings. Paired with a filament bulb- the Pod brings an elegant touch of the past to a truly modern design and space.

Modern Lighting Project Details

Project: Beato Restaurante
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
References: Pessoa Chique
Photography: Tadeu Brunelli
Modern hand blown pendants used: Pod Modern Pendants

Posted on 1/18/13 12:30 PM by Stuart Akers Jr.