Three Ways to Hang Multiple Pendant Lights

There are many ways to hang multiple pendant lights. Here are Niche's three favorite methods!

Multiple Junction Boxes

All Niche pendant lights ship with an individual canopy included. This allows for installation directly into a standard junction box. Selecting multiple pendants, whether it's 2, 3 or more above a kitchen island, can help visually define your space. Each will require a separate junction box, but the 5" dome canopy provides a classic look that works with multiple pendants.

illustration of pendant lights hanging from multiple junction boxes

Track Lighting

Track lighting allows you to hang multiple pendants with the freedom to move and position the lights anywhere along the track grooves. Ask your electrician about installation options. Niche pendants are compatible with Halo, Juno and Lightolier line voltage track systems. Niche can provide Halo compatible track connectors which your electrician can wire at the desired height. 

 illustration of pendant lights hanging with track lighting

Multi-Pendant Canopy

Electricians aren't cheap, so if you're planning on hanging more than one pendant you may want to look at our Multi-Pendant Canopy options. This way your electrician only needs one electrical junction box to hang multiple pendants. Choose from a number of our Pack, Circular, or Linear canopies to hang 2, 3, 4 or more pendants.

illustration of pendant lighting hanging with multi pendant linear canopy


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