Hang Handmade Ellipse Pendants with Niche Modern Lighting Canopies

Niche modern lighting canopies make hanging multiple pendants a breeze! Choose from several of our Linear or Circular canopies to hang 2, 3, 4 or more pendants. With this option, your electrician will only need a single electrical junction box, making for easy installation. Take a look at our canopy collections to create your beautiful arrangement of Ellipse pendant lights

Linear Canopy Collection Featuring Ellipse Modern Pendant

Linear Canopy Collection

The Linear Canopy Collection displays a sleek line of modern pendants to help you design your own contemporary chandelier above any table, counter top or kitchen island. Hang 2 - 5 Ellipse pendants in varying Grand and Petite sizes for a custom fixture.


Linear Canopy Options

Circular Canopy Collection Featuring Ellipse Modern Pendant

Circular Canopy Collection

The Circular Canopy Collection offers a simple way to cluster multiple modern pendants for a classic and unique display. Stagger the drop lengths and choose from an array of our luxurious glass color options to complete your unique installation.Circular Canopy Options

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Posted on 10/24/16 7:30 PM by Samantha