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Written by Samantha | 4/11/17 7:00 PM

For over a decade, Niche has established a collection of stunning modern lighting and contemporary chandeliers for residential, hospitality and commercial use. Need some design inspiration? Look through our catalog of hand-picked restaurants, hospitality settings, and residential interiors with Niche pendants. From hotel and bar lighting to bedroom and kitchen lighting, the possibilities are endless with Niche handmade lighting. With over 30 color options and glass shapes, you will find the perfect pendants for your style, no matter the environment.



Office Lighting

Pendant lighting is a bright idea for a workspace! Your office is where your creativity comes to life and we want to foster that creative force with handmade glass lighting. Office pendant lighting works well above individual desks or in clusters above a conference table. We also offer modern chandeliers that are sure to impress clients or any guests who are visiting your company.







Retail Lighting

Your customers will shop in style beneath hand-blown glass retail pendant lighting. No matter your products or store display, contemporary pendant lighting is the perfect enhancement to entice frequent shoppers and passersby alike into your space. Illuminate the center of your store with a modern chandelier or a cluster of glass pendant lights.







Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom pendant lighting is a great alternative to the traditional table lamp. Hang two of our modern pendant lights on either side of your bed, vanity, or dresser to create a soothing glow that will help you unwind as you go about your nightly routine. With Niche’s wide selection of glass shapes and luxurious glass colors, there’s surely a combination fit for any bedroom.








Kitchen Lighting

Breathe new life into your space with our modern kitchen lighting. Hang our handmade glass pendants above the kitchen island, counter, or eat-in table. Wherever you choose to put your pendant lights, and no matter how you style them, a unique centerpiece of Niche's contemporary kitchen lighting will certainly be the perfect addition to your interior. 







Dining Room Lighting

Dining room pendant lighting is sure to spice up your gathering space! Your modern dining room display should make a decorative and intimate statement while also providing enough light for the table. No matter how you style your handmade pendant lights, a unique centerpiece of Niche hand-blown glass will surely add flavor to your meal and impress your guests.







Restaurant Lighting

For a combination of both style and function, Niche has plenty of restaurant lighting options to suit your needs. Add illumination and intimacy to each restaurant booth or table with a single pendant light. If you have bigger seating areas, a pendant light cluster or linear display will work wonders overhead. In a big, open dining room, a contemporary chandelier would look great as the focal point. 







Bar Lighting

Niche handmade pendant lights add amazing atmosphere to any interior, especially to spaces intended for entertaining. Any configuration of Niche pendants will impress your guests as they mingle with a drink in hand under bold bar lighting. Create length to your bartop by hanging pendants in a line from individual junction boxes or a Multi-Pendant Modern Chandelier.







Hotel Lighting

Your guests will enjoy their stay in style beneath handblown glass pendant lighting. Modern pendant lighting is the perfect enhancement for a hotel or hospitality interior - whether it be in the lounge, restaurant or bar, lobby, or guest rooms. With so many options, you're sure to curate the best hotel lighting to fit you, your sense of design, and your guests!







Living Room Lighting

Modern pendant lighting is suitable anywhere inside your home. For your living room, try a pendant lighting cluster or contemporary chandelier above the coffee table or center of the space. You can also place a single pendant light on each side of the couch to create a sense of balance and symmetry. 








Entryway Lighting 

Modern entryway lighting welcomes both you and your guests to your home. Make the best first impression every time with a contemporary chandelier or pendant lighting cluster from Niche. We recommend mixing Niche glass shades, colors, and drop lengths to create a truly unique and captivating lighting display. 








Bathroom Lighting

Even powder rooms need some pizazz! Whether you hang a single fixture over your sink or a cluster of custom pendants over your bathtub, Niche products will beautifully brighten your bathroom every time. 






You can always send us images of your finished work to be featured on our blog and modern lighting project pages. We love to see your designs come to life!