Designer Spotlight: Rexhill Furniture

Rexhill Furniture founders Paula and Justin King

Rexhill Furniture

Designer Spotlight


We started Rexhill Furniture to preserve the warmth and appeal of traditional craftsmanship, but with a contemporary sensibility. We are a family owned business. Justin has a BFA in painting, a Post Bachelor's degree in furniture design, and over 10 years experience as a designer and craftsman. Paula has a background in business management, a natural eye for design and is the 4th generation of her family to work in the industry.




It seems you both have family roots in design, woodworking, and the furniture industry. What made you want to carry on the torch? 


When we met 15 years ago, we didn’t know we would be doing this. It was almost by fate that we made the decisions that have led us to this point, in the footsteps of our family. We feel connected to the people who came before us. It’s in our blood!




Justin King of Rexhill Furniture in the workshop

opaque glass modern pendant lighting with modern stools 

What is your favorite aspect of making your work in the Hudson Valley? How has the community helped you grow?


We are so inspired by the beauty of the Hudson Valley, and by the talented people living here. The rich manufacturing traditions and the artists and artisans here make us feel at home. We also have lots of local cheerleaders who have encouraged us, and the greater community in general supports and champions a local economy. Sounds so idyllic! It kind of is.


Left: Rexhill's Matteawan Stools paired with Niche's Helio Chroma modern pendant light in Opaline glass


Describe the challenges and rewards of being a small business making products by hand.


We love our job, and the fact that we get to make beautiful things. We feel connected to the larger movement of artisans reclaiming traditional means of production. The scale is always going to be smaller, more expensive, and slower than a big box option, and sometimes that is something you have to explain to clients.



handmade furniture in progress



Jax Table designed by Rexhill Furniture 

What is your favorite Rexhill piece you have designed. Why?


We actually are most in love with our newest design in progress, which is a contemporary credenza with a nod to art deco. But, we also love the Jax Table (left), which is so simple and easily speaks to the realm of mid-century design. We feel that the playful splay of the legs and the glass top are a successful combination.





We’re glad you admire Niche just as much as we admire Rexhill!  What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combo? Why?


We can’t choose just one! The Axia modern pendant light in Gray is beautiful and has a refined art deco feel that we really love. Also, the imperfections of the glass are simply perfect on the Helio Prisma modern pendant light in Effervescent.


 modern gray glass pendant light

Describe your design philosophy in one sentence.


We believe that the objects and spaces we interact with every day should be not only functional but also beautiful. The strong relationships we have to the things and places in our lives are important and fulfilling, and our aim is to create enduring work that hopefully makes an emotional connection. (Okay, that’s two sentences!)


The Roundhouse bar in Beacon, NY

Above: Worlds collide! Rexhill's Jackson Stools and a cluster of Niche's Solitaire pendant lights in custom sizes, complete the bar in The Roundhouse. Interior designed by last week's Designer Spotlight, Elizabeth Strianese.


"The details are not the details.

They make the design."


- Charles Eames



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