Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Strianese

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Elizabeth Strianese

Designer Spotlight


I started my career with Peter Maase in New York City doing high-end residential apartments in the early 90's. I later cut my teeth designing and building Gap, J. Crew and Delia's stores on the east coast. I finally landed my best gig with Juan Montoya Design, who taught me the finest vernacular of high-end luxury design. Then, I started my own firm in 2008 with projects in New York City, Garrison and Millbrook, New York.


What drew you to Niche products initially?


I loved their simplicity - their reference to vintage designs but having a fresh take on a classic thought. Previously as a designer, we struggled to find elegant lighting that could be used anywhere, and then Niche came along.

         The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls dining room  


modern kitchen island glass pendant lighting

You have used Niche products in a few of your projects. Which interior featuring Niche is your favorite?


The kitchen of a young family in Chappaqua I designed in 2014, where I clustered a group of Pod pendant lights over their island (left). The room has no upper cabinetry, which makes the Niche lights really pop as a design element. Plus the gray color blends beautifully with the Zebra Ebony marble counters. And the Roundhouse dining room of course (above) - where the huge number of Helio pendants in Mercury just blows you away with their amber glow...



What is your favorite pendant style and color? Why?


That's easy - the Encalmo-Stamen pendant light! I LOVE Encalmo-Stamen for it's gorgeous shape, beautiful color-ways and handmade feel (especially where the two colors meet). Oh wait, no it's the Pod pendant light because it's so simple and elegant and works in any room. No, no, no, it's the Helio pendant light in Mercury because we were the first to use it in the Roundhouse dining room and it resonates with my love of organic modern! Really, do I have to choose?


encalmo glass pendant lights

modern glass chandelier

What is your favorite chandelier style and color? Why?


The Sola 60 modern chandelier in Plum! It's a timeless design really - making references to a classic wrought iron "ring" chandelier, but clearly with a modern twist. I feel it's emblematic of how we all try to design today, by building bridges between the old and the new. And that Plum glass color is absolutely luscious. 


What is your favorite table top product? Why?


A tie between the Stamen vase and the Luxe Carafe (pictured). The Stamen vase reminds me of the Estrid Ericson acorn vase but literally turned inside out. And the Luxe Carafe is just one of those things you absolutely must own to put on a guest bedside table when you have visitors.

 modern glass carafe

 eero saarinen portrait  edith wharton portrait



Describe your design philosophy in one sentence.


If novelist Edith Wharton and architect Eero Saarinen had a baby that grew up on a sheep farm on the island of Gotland, Sweden. (If you're wondering what the heck that means, I'd further say, "playful patterns and textures that have been educated by modernism and restrained by a Scandinavian simple undercurrent.")




"The essence of taste is suitability."


- Edith Wharton




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