Designer Spotlight: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Our latest "Designer Spotlight" showcases the stunning work of Boston-based LDa Architecture & Interiors. Their firm has used Niche modern pendant lighting in several of their projects, providing clients with our timeless, handmade products throughout the years. Continue reading to learn about LDa, how the Boston community has influenced their design process, and their favorite Niche pendant shape and color combo.

Designer Spotlight LDa Architecture & Interiors

Can you tell us about LDa?
LDa was founded in 1992. Whether guiding a homeowner through the complex design and construction process, or managing a large-scale commercial project, our work does not represent a definable style; rather it represents a consistent and definable approach that embraces user needs, context and technology. LDa offers sustainable architecture and interior design services for new builds and renovations of all sizes.

What kind of spaces does LDa specialize in?
When it comes to design, we don’t specialize in only one area; as a company we try to respond to our client’s wants and needs, which can result in a variety of styles and project types! We do everything from new construction projects to smaller-scale renovations that can range from traditional New England homes to newer, more modern abodes.

Designer Spotlight LDa Architecture & Interiors - Poolhouse

What drew you to Niche products initially?
One of our Interior Designers, Jessie Hughes, loves using Niche because of the extensive variety and options they carry — there is something for everyone! She’s also found that the quality of glass and the fact that they are handcrafted really resonate with our clients to make them feel they are investing in a beautiful piece that will withstand time and trends.

Designer Spotlight LDa Architecture & Interiors - Cottage

What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combo? Why?
For a classic and timeless choice, we love the Oculo pendant, especially in Crystal or Smoke. While simple, it accents elegantly in whatever space we put it in! For more of a unique and unexpected approach, we also love the Axia pendant. The shape alone sets it apart from other lighting choices but still has the clean, timeless yet contemporary concept that we love.

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What is your favorite aspect of working in Boston? What does the community mean to you?
Our office is located in Kendall Square, which is an innovative part of the city that is transforming constantly. What we love specifically is the collaborative atmosphere it fosters and how dynamic the community is. Collaborating is an integral part of how our firm operates and being able to participate in Boston’s thoughtful and thought-provoking community drives us to think about our projects in a larger sense.

Describe LDa's design philosophy in one sentence.
LDa is committed to finding a meaningful balance between the traditions of New England architecture and the demands of contemporary living.

Designer Spotlight LDa Architecture & Interiors - LEED Certified Home


LDa Projects with Niche Modern Lighting

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