3 Rooms to Hang a Modern Glass Pendant Light in Your Home

One pendant lighting style can result in endless possibilities. Don't limit yourself - chances are the same pendant light will look great in a variety of different spaces. Take a look at three ways to display the Crystal glass Bella pendant light in different parts of your home.


1. Bedroom Pendant Lighting


Hang a pendant light on either side of your bed instead of using standard table lamps. Not only do they look totally dreamy, you'll free up bedside table space too.


bedside pendant lighting



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2. Kitchen Island Lighting


Hang a series of pendant lights above your kitchen island using multiple junction boxes and marvel at the warm, welcoming glow above your central gathering space.


kitchen island pendant lighting



3. Bathroom Pendant Lighting


Pendant lighting above your bathroom vanity is a popular choice! A classy pendant light will make you (and your bathroom) feel fabulous as you start your morning routine.


bathroom vanity pendant lighting

Posted on 7/15/16 4:44 PM by Katie