5 Times Bedside Pendant Lighting Looked Better than a Table Lamp

Bedside pendant lighting makes for a fresh alternative to the regular, old nightstand lamp. With so many Niche pendant light shapes and signature glass colors to choose from, you can take your bedroom from drab to fab in a cinch! With a pendant light on either side creating a balanced symmetry, you'll drift off to sleep in no time.

bedside pendant lighting

1. Bellport, New York Beach House

Designed by Home by Novogratz with our Binary pendant lights in Amber.

bedside pendant lighting

2. Sunrise Vista

Designed by Coop15 with our Pharos pendant lights in Sapphire.

bedside pendant lighting

3. Canyon Ranch I

Designed by Allen Saunders, Inc. with our Pod pendant light in Smoke.

bedside pendant lighting

4. ContiNuum II

Designed by Allen Saunders, Inc. with our Oculo pendant lights in Crystal.

bedside pendant lighting

5. Cambridge Loft

Designed by Mistura Interior Design with our Bella pendant lights in Crystal.


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