Switzerland's Gass 17 Sports Niche Modern Restaurant Pendant Lights

Gregor Disse and Emma Nishimoto of Spaett Architecture were summoned to the tiny Swiss city of Appenzell to design an eatery at the foot of Mount Santis. The hotspot Gass 17 serves both locals and tourists looking to shake the chill of the cold weather with a cocktail or locally sourced meal. Inside the restaurant and bakery, Niche modern pendant lights add to the inviting atmosphere.

Modern Restaurant Pendant Lights Hang at Gass 17

Owners Jaqueline Fässler and Hans Ueli knew they wanted to incorporate modern restaurant pendant lights from the outset of the design process. The two were seduced by a multi-pendant lighting installation at Merus Winery while on a vacation in Northern California. They then decided to incorporate six Niche pendant lights in their establishment.

Modern Pendant Lights Above the Bar

A grouping of our Pod, Pharos, Minaret, Bella, and Solitaire pendants hang above the black steel and wood bar. A pairing of our Pod and Minaret pendants in Amber glass adorn a table for customers, radiating a warm glow throughout the intimate interior. The linear display of our pendants helps to visually define the space, and the soft light cast from our signature silhouettes enhances the social setting’s cozy aesthetic. The rich Amber, Chocolate and Crystal glass colors complement the restaurant’s natural palette of light oak tones and exposed stone accent walls.

Amber Pendant Lights Adorn a Table at Gass 17

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Gass 17 Project Details

Project Gass 17

Location Appenzell, Switzerland

Designer Gregor Disse and Emma Nishimoto, Spaett Architecture

Photographer Emma Nishimoto

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