Mix It Up with Multi-Pendant Lighting

Discover new possibilities with multi-pendant lighting. Mix and match your way to a unique and sophisticated modern lighting installation. 

This multi-pendant lighting display dazzles a West Vancouver dining room

1. Mix the Shape, Match the Color

Unify an array of silhouettes through a matching glass color. This West Vancouver modern dining room uses Niche's Turret, Oculo, Bella and Minaret modern pendants in Smoke glass to accentuate neutrals in the space.

Multi-pendant lighting hangs in the Hatfield House

2. Mix the Color, Match the Shape

Wake up a space with a pop of color by choosing one pendant shape in varying glass colors. Hatfield House installed Pharos modern pendant lights in Crystal, Smoke, Chocolate, Crimson, Amber, Gray and Plum to brighten their natural palette.

Multi-pendant lighting makes a statement at Gass 17

3. Mix the Color, Mix the Shape

Make an intriguing installation by changing both the glass color and shape. Choose a color palette to create a head-turning lighting display. Gass 17 Restaurant hangs the Pod, Pharos, Minaret, Bella, and Solitaire modern pendants in Crystal, Chocolate and Amber glass colors to complement the space's warm wood tones. 

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Posted on 9/20/16 4:44 PM by Samantha