Inspirational Interiors for Your Pointelle Pendant Light

Whether you have one or two or a bunch, the Pointelle pendant light is sure to please in different spaces throughout your home. Here are a few inspirational interiors to get you started in making your dazzling Pointelle display.


modern entry way pendant lighting




Entryway lighting welcomes you and your guests home. Make the best first impression every time with a cluster of Pointelle pendants cascading from a Circular Canopy.


See it in action.




modern bathroom pendant lighting



Bathroom Lighting


Try something new with your next bathroom project! Changing out those boring sconces and adding multiple junction boxes for Pointelle pendants will freshen things up quite a bit.


Get more ideas here.




modern table pendant lighting


Table Lighting


Why stop at the dining room table? A double track of staggering Pointelle pendants can be installed over any table to add elegance and sophistication to any space.


Click here for even more inspiration.



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Posted on 11/21/15 11:00 AM by Katie