Hotel Pendant Lighting and Multi-Pendant Canopies Join Forces Inside Lounge

The EVEN Hotel brand aims to combine activity, wellness and balance while you travel. Natural surroundings, healthy menu items, and fitness areas keep you at your best. A new modern, hotel needs to keep their design well-balanced too. The EVEN Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut did just that by using a selection of our modern pendant lighting to adorn their cafe, bar, and lounge area.

Pharos Modern Pendant Light

Our Pack-4 multi-pendant canopy with Crystal Pharos pendant lights makes several appearances throughout the hotel lounge. The sleek, compact fixture works wonders at the tiny bar, dining table, and again overhead at the lounge's seating. Above both the bar and dining table, multiple Pack-4 canopies are used for maximum impact. Paired with an additional row of Aurora pendant lights also in Crystal glass at the lounge's seating, this hotel pendant lighting is sure to help you enjoy your stay!