Hang Multiple Pendant Lights with a Multi-Pendant Canopy

Multiple pendant lights can be installed quickly and easily. Of course, we always recommend having a licensed electrician install your lighting fixtures for you. With multi-pendant canopies, your installation time and cost can be drastically reduced. This is because a multi-pendant canopy only uses a single junction box instead of one junction box per pendant and the measuring is already done for you. Here is a simple guide to help purchase your new multi-pendant canopy.



Hang Multiple Pendant Lights with a Multi-Pendant Canopy



1. Select a Multi-Pendant Canopy

It's up to you to decide where a multi-pendant canopy will work best in your design, but we have some ideas to help get you started. A Linear-3 canopy with pendants can often be used above a kitchen island, a Circular-5 canopy with a mixture of cascading pendants can be a focal point above a dining table or a Pack-6 canopy could greet your guests in an entryway. We offer a range of canopy sizes, metal finishes and all of our canopies are compatible with 120v and 240v settings. For custom canopy options, please contact our sales team.

Hang Multiple Pendant Lights with a Multi-Pendant Canopy


2. Choose Pendants & Hardware

Pendant lights are purchased separately from your multi-pendant canopy allowing you to create a custom lighting display. Each pendant purchase includes a glass shade, cord set, and bulb. Hang the same glass silhouette in multiples, creating a uniform look, or mix and match shapes and colors to create a unique display. Choose a cord set voltage, metal finish, and always make sure you have enough cord length to stagger or cut to the desired length.


We know how many bulb options there are, so we narrowed it down for you. Each modern pendant light has bulb options preselected for you to fit each glass shape. Incandescent and LED bulb options are available for each pendant. Before adding the glass, cord set, and bulb to your cart select "No Canopy" in the drop down when purchasing a multi-pendant canopy. Finally, double-check to make sure you are ordering the correct number of pendants for your canopy.



Hang Multiple Pendant Lights with a Multi-Pendant Canopy

3. The Finishing Touches

After receiving your multi-pendant canopy and compatible pendants, have a licensed electrician assemble and install your new lighting display. Adjust your cord lengths to fit appropriately and watch your space come to life.


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