May's Signature Pendant: The Pod

Last month we featured Niche's Marquise pendant, a dynamic diamond-shaped silhouette. This month, we are featuring the Pod pendant. Available in several classic color options, this versatile light can be clustered in multiples to create stunning visual arrangements or individually hung in any setting.






The Pod pendant funnels light delicately through its cylindrical form and is finished with a dramatic, hand-crafted tuck. Through the center of this handmade pendant light, a tubular vintage-style filament bulb spans the length of the glass bringing the design together seamlessly. Luxurious and timeless, the Pod pendant is handmade with great care in Beacon, New York.


Want to learn more about our classic pendant? Get the inspirational Pod Product Guide for more pendant specifications and installation ideas. With it, you'll receive the tear sheet and CAD models to help you design your next space.


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