Color of the Month: Amber

Posted on 4/2/18 11:03 AM

At the beginning of every month, we've been sharing a color that defines the design world we are immersed in on a daily basis. Last month, we chose Smoke, a subdued shade of green. This April, we have chosen Amber, a vibrant, energizing tone of yellow, as our color of the month. According to Vogue, yellow is one of the hottest colors of the season. Its comeback is, in part, thanks to the popular complementary color purple, which Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, chose as the 2018 Color of the Year.


Pantone Fall 2018 Color Trend Report Reflects Hand-Blown Lighting

Posted on 2/20/18 3:22 PM

The Pantone Fall 2018 Color Trend Report is the essential color guide to the season. Inspired by the designs at New York Fashion Week, Pantone's top 10 colors fully capture the need for individuality, ingenuity, and creativity. Like Pantone's colors, Niche's contemporary colored glass is influenced by the beautiful details in the world. Similar to the selected shades chosen by the world-renowned authority of color, many of Niche's signature glass hues "are being used to make very specific color statements on their own."


Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, notes, "As designers and consumers alike continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and instead focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure, we are seeing very notable non-traditional choices." Pantone's picks for the upcoming season are being categorized as "autumnal hues that evoke the feeling of leaves on the forest floor, rich plumage and twilight reveal a modern fall palette of deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprise." Below, see the shades of the season paired with complementary hand-blown lighting.


Color of the Month: Rose

Posted on 2/1/18 3:18 PM

At the beginning of every month, we'll be sharing a color that defines the design world we are immersed in on a daily basis. Last month, we chose Gray and White, colors that represent purity and new beginnings. For February, the dynamic reddish pink of our Rose glass seems most fitting as "Color of the Month." Traditionally, this color symbolizes softness and confidence while also alluring and engaging those who interact with it. 


Color of the Month: White and Gray

Posted on 1/3/18 10:37 AM

Happy 2018! For the next 12 months, we’ll be sharing colors that define the design world we are immersed in on a daily basis. To kick start this year, we’ve chosen white and gray as January's "Color of the Month." Traditionally, white represents purity and new beginnings while gray enhances and supports any color it surrounds. We hope you're starting the year refreshed and energized, and we truly hope that you're surrounded by people who encourage you to be your best self.


See This Season's Hottest Items in Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on 12/22/17 10:19 AM

Over the last few days, we've shared gifts in various shades; from white to green, we've given you 22 ideas to satisfy even the pickiest people in your life. With the holidays drawing even closer, we wanted to share 11 more items that you can order for those last-minute giftees on your list. For the uber-organized, next-great-baker, and retro lover in your life, here is a range of products in this season's hottest hue!


The Green 2017 Holiday Gift Guide that Keeps on Giving

Posted on 12/18/17 5:01 PM

Last week, we shared our first of four gift guides with you to help ease the stress of holiday shopping. With a focus on sleek, snowy white items, we shared 11 ideas to make your presents stand out among the rest. We couldn't resist compiling another list for you. This one focuses on all green objects to coincide with Pantone's 2017 "Color of the Year"Greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing hue that brightens any space. For the design aficionados, cocktail lovers, music enthusiasts, and that trust holiday hostess, we have unique and thoughtful recommendations for everyone on your shopping list.


Check Everyone Off Your Shopping List with Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on 12/11/17 10:31 AM

We know that finding the right gifts to give can be challenging, especially for the person on your list who already has everything, says “they don’t want anything” or is just plain impossible to pinpoint. So, to help ease the stress of holiday shopping, we’ve created a curated gift guide to inspire you this season. For the designers, art-lovers, aspiring-foodies, travel-enthusiasts, and tech-obsessives in your life, we have unique and thoughtful recommendations for everyone on your shopping list.


2018 Colors of the Year Paired with Modern Pendant Lighting

Posted on 11/2/17 4:31 PM

With the new year right around the corner, a handful of well-known paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Dulux have announced their 2018 Color of the Year. Although a variety of shades have been chosen as future favorites, all of them pair perfectly with Niche glass pendant lights. 


Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year Matches Niche's Red Pendant Light

Posted on 10/18/17 10:06 AM

Benjamin Moore understands the profound impact color has on your environment. With an endless amount of choices to choose from, anyone can find the perfect shade to match their personality. As they do every year, Benjamin Moore announced their 2018 Color of the Year, a strong and radiant red known as Caliente. Niche's Crimson pendant lights perfectly match Benjamin Moore's pick this year. 


3 Ways to Use Red Accents in Your Space

Posted on 7/18/17 3:42 PM

Incorporating bright lighting in your home adds a playful yet elegant burst of color to help your space stand out. Whether you dress up a white interior with Niche Crimson pendant lights or incorporate colorful furniture in your space, rich red shades will bring warmth to any interior. Here are a few examples of how designers decorate with the color red.