See Core Pendant Lighting and Chandelier Collections in Brand Catalog

Posted on 11/29/18 9:45 AM

The Niche catalog showcases our core pendant lighting and chandelier collections through environmental images and product specifications while showcasing the range of our unique, hand-blown glass line.


Color of the Month: Fig

Posted on 9/5/18 11:26 AM

We are excited to add a new glass color to our already extensive array of color options. Our Fig glass gives off a light purple hue that adds a warm, calming element to any environment.


Orb Pendant Lights Show Variation in Bulb Options

Posted on 10/26/17 10:49 AM

Niche orb pendant lights are minimalistic yet elegant, enhancing any environment. The timeless and classic designs of our Solitaire, Binary, and Terra modern pendants offer a refreshing take on the traditional spherical style by lending their focus to the modern lighting light bulbs within them.


3 Ways to Customize Your Pod Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 9/1/17 1:00 PM

Have you been reintroduced to our Pod modern pendant light? One of the first Niche designs, the Pod modern lighting collection is handmade with great care by a talented team of glass artisans. Try these three simple steps to easily customize your Pod to fit your personal space.


Revamped Pod Modern Pendant Light Inspires Creative Adventure

Posted on 8/31/17 3:00 PM

Before I even opened my hazy heavy eyes, I could sense we were home. I don't remember falling asleep, or even when I started dreaming. In warm, familiar arms, I was carried to my bed, where the quiet of the night lulled me back into my own world.


What's Included When You Purchase a Pod Pendant Light?

Posted on 8/29/17 1:00 PM

Ready to place an order for your new Pod modern pendant light? Here's what comes standard with your purchase.


3 Residential Interiors for Your Pod Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 8/28/17 10:00 AM

The Pod modern pendant light funnels light delicately through its long, cylindrical shape and is finished with our dramatic, signature inward curvature. The tubular Edison style bulb at the heart of this piece ties the different elements of the pendant’s design together seamlessly. Below are three examples of residential interiors for your Pod modern pendant light.


Explore the Hand-Blown Pod Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 8/25/17 2:00 PM

The open road is a beautiful journey in itself — you can never really get lost. With each twist and turn, I felt invincible — the warm breeze knotting my hair, the wind kissing my face, the pavement as smooth as glass under my tires.


Final Chance to Shop the Pod Modern Pendant Lighting Sale

Posted on 8/24/17 9:00 AM

Today is your last chance to shop the Pod modern pendant lighting sale. When you purchase three Pod pendants, you will receive a free Circular-3 or Linear-3 Canopy of your choice*.


Calculate the Height of Your Pod Modern Pendant Light Above a Surface

Posted on 8/23/17 10:24 AM

How high or low a pendant hangs from a ceiling determines the mood of the space. Take a clean and functional table setting to a warm and romantic feeling just by lowering the pendant light. Calculating the height of your Pod modern pendant light is simple. The standard 4’ Black Cord Set that comes supplied with your Niche Pod pendant should work for most installations. Your electrician can easily adjust the height up or down before installing so you can get it just right.





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