Stunning Office Pendant Lighting Display Brightens Swedish Brand's Workspace   

The Swedish brand Linderoths has existed for nearly a century. When they began in 1918, they were a printing house passionate about defending the right to free speech. Today, they have taken that fervor and formed a company that delivers innovative, integrated communications to owner-managed businesses. 

Linderoths Office in Sweden

With an intimate staff of 20 strategists, specialists, designers and developers diligently working day in and day out, it is imperative for them to have a space that serves multiple purposes. The Linderoths office allows for creative collaborations to take place while also maintaining a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, perfect for when the team needs to unwind. It feels fitting that all of this happens under a stunning office pendant lighting display comprised of Niche Crystal hand-blown glass.

Minaret Modern Pendant Lights Hang From A Contemporary Chandelier

A cascade of Minaret pendants in Crystal glass hangs from a Circular-5 Modern Chandelier in the center of the Linderoths lounge and workspace. The circular canopy from which the pendants hang is placed over a breathtaking ceiling medallion that brings added beauty to the rustic interior. The staggered drop lengths of our Minaret pendants further enhances this unique lighting fixture. Along the perimeter of the room, Minaret and Solitare pendant lights hang from individual junction boxes, creating a beautiful border around the main centerpiece. 

Minaret Pendants in Crystal Glass Add A Beautiful Touch to Linderoths Office

“Our office interior is an extension of the building itself. That’s why Niche pendants caught our eye,” says Veronica Stenberg, Linderoth’s Business Director. “They are the perfect link between the old and the new, with character and clean design. The pendants are a beautiful match against the detailed moldings and they tie everything nicely together.”

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