Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Hot Shop Team Member Lynn

Meet Lynn, one of the glass-blowers here at Niche! Lynn has a background in fine arts and glass, a keen eye for detail, and a bubbly personality to boot! Keep reading Lynn's "Employee Spotlight" to find out her favorite Niche pendant and the Hudson Valley's best-kept secret.

glassblower in hot shop

Tell us a bit about your history with working with glass. What attracted you to the medium?

After enduring the freshman foundation year at Alfred University, I had the choice between various 2D and 3D media and had to pick four studio classes. Between all the painting classes, I also chose Intro to Glass, because why not? And the rest is history!

Looks like you're also a painter! What painting medium do you prefer? 

I am primarily a painter! I work in water-based media and oils on occasion. 

glassblower working with hot glass glassblower working with hot glass

What influences your artwork?

The way sunlight hits a subject's face, interactions with people, and anything I can layer. I love layers! I also draw influence from various artists such as Jenny Saville, Janet Fish, Sally Mann, Caravaggio... 

What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combination? Why?

Call me crazy, but I've always had an attraction to Crystal glass. It's so crisp and clean. I think a Minaret pendant light paired next to an Aurora pendant light is fantastic! But how could you not love the bold glass colors of the Helio pendant light?

glass artist in hot shop

What’s your favorite spot in Beacon or the Hudson Valley? Why?

I am still in the process of exploring, but the view from the fire tower on the top of Mount Beacon is nothing short of phenomenal. On a clear day, you can see New York City! The Homespun Foods terrace is a well-kept secret, it's like the south of France back there in the summer!

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Posted on 10/14/15 4:42 PM by Katie