Signature Tuck Creates Harmony in Aurora, Stamen, and Pod Pendants

Grouping our StamenAurora, and Pod pendants together is the perfect way to create cohesion in a space. All three of these pendants feature our signature inward curvature, in which hand-blown glass curves around voluptuously and tucks into itself unexpectedly. To learn more about each pendant and their unique traits, keep reading this blog!

Handmade Signature Tuck in Stamen Pendant

Stamen Modern Pendant Light

The Stamen modern pendant light is truly the signature pendant of the Niche line and became the impetus for all of the other pendant designs which followed. The Stamen pendant is the work of Niche's Creative Director, Jeremy Pyles, and the first glass shape designed for Niche, a company that came into being somewhat by accident. Inspired by the natural forms of flowers, the Stamen is ideal for both hospitality lighting and residential modern lighting.

Handmade Signature Tuck in Aurora Pendant

Aurora Modern Pendant Light

The Aurora modern pendant light takes its name from the phenomenon seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter the earth’s magnetic field. Another one of Niche's original designs, the Aurora modern light perfectly showcases the nostalgic style bulb through the signature tuck.

Handmade Signature Tuck in Pod Pendant

Pod Modern Pendant Light

Like the Stamen and Aurora pendants, the Pod modern pendant light funnels light delicately through its long, cylindrical shape and is finished with our dramatic, signature inward curvature. The tubular Edison style bulb at the heart of this piece ties the different elements of the pendant’s design together seamlessly. The slender, classic silhouette shines on its own, in clusters, or even when paired with other timeless Niche pendants.


Handmade in New York

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