Hanging Multiple Pendant Lights is Easy with a Pack Canopy!

modern pendant light installation drawings

What's better than one Niche Helio pendant? A bunch of Niche Helio pendants! The Pack Canopy is available in arrangements of 4, 6, 9 and a variety of metal finish options. The Pack Canopy Collection is designed to work specifically with Helio, your new favorite when it comes to compact pendant lighting! 


multiple modern pendant lights over kitchen nook

When you use a Pack Canopy for hanging multiple pendant lights, you have multiple options! Keep them in line or stagger the pendant drop lengths. Use your favorite color or mix and match. The options are endless, but this sale isn't it! Learn more about Pack Canopy metal finishes and all of our accessories that make each Helio installation truly unique in our brand new Product Guide. Use the coupon code HelloHelio to save 20% on all Helio pendants and Pack Canopies from now through August 24th!

Make It A Pack

Posted on 8/21/15 3:00 PM by Katie