Downtown Denver Hyatt Warms up with Modern Hotel Lighting

After just one visit to the Mile High City, you'll never want to leave—especially after staying at the Grand Hyatt Denver. Located in the heart of downtown, their bold decor captures the beauty and spirit of Colorado culture. Niche's modern hotel lighting adds the perfect touch.

Downtown Denver Hyatt Features Niche's Modern Hotel Lighting

Guests are greeted in the lobby and lounge area by a dazzling display of Niche's Encalmo Stamen pendant lights in Chocolate-Smoke glass, which look spectacular hanging from the high, wood panel ceiling overhead. This product is handmade by our intimate team of artisans who fuse two separate pieces of glass into one single pendant.

Cozy Fireside Bar Modern Hotel Lighting

This pairing of Chocolate and Smoke warms up the communal space and complements the dark wood table tops, leather chairs, and fireplaces stacked in chiseled stone. The rug is reminiscent of the red rock formations in the Denver mountains and the orange and yellow tones emphasize the earthy aesthetic. The warm palette and modern furnishings give rich depth to this cozy space. Explore more hotel lighting that we love. 

Colorado Hotel Incorporates Modern Hotel Lighting

The Encalmo Collection - Take a Peek

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