Counterfeit Pendant Lighting Caught in Hong Kong Offices



We came across this project displaying familiar pendant lights, the Leo Digital Network offices in Hong Kong, but something seemed fishy! Unfortunately, this office project designed by LLLAB Architects uses counterfeit Oculo and Pharos pendant lights throughout the space! It is quite the shame because there are so many other unique elements to like about this space - the glass-enclosed office and conference rooms, varied wood surfaces, and more.





We reached out to LLLAB Architects to inform them of their use of counterfeit Niche products. They mentioned they'd like to learn more about our small company and handmade pendant lights and hope to work with us in the future. We're off to a great start!






Teaching others about the importance of authentic and original design is extremely important to us at Niche. That's why we are proud members of Be Original Americas, an organization that is devoted to educating design professionals and manufacturers on the economical and ethical value of authentic design while protecting and investing in its future. Counterfeiting of any kind of product hurts a lot of companies and consumers. We urge you to join us in supporting original design and protecting creative, intellectual property here at Niche and all over the United States.



Posted on 3/1/16 11:48 AM by Katie