Clear Glass Pendant Lights Add Modern Touch to Even Hotel

Located in several major cities, the EVEN Hotel brand aims to combine activity, wellness, and balance while you travel. Natural surroundings, healthy menu items, and fitness areas keep you at your best while staying at this holistic chain. With a well-balanced and modern take on hospitality, it makes sense that the EVEN Hotel in Brooklyn also incorporates contemporary design to achieve their overall aesthetic. A selection of our clear glass pendant lights adorns their cafe, bar, and work space.

Clear Glass Pendant Lights Hang From Multi-Pendant Canopy

In the lounge area, our Coolhaus pendants in Crystal glass hang above a conference table, adding a sleek and classic touch to this gathering space. Our Trove pendants in Crystal glass also enhance this designated work space. Over the computer station, Trove pendants hang from a Circular-5 Modern Chandelier at varying drop lengths, making this a unique and custom centerpiece used for maximum impact. Paired with an additional row of Crystal Trove pendants over the seating area, this hotel pendant lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere to help you enjoy your stay.

Clear Glass Pendant Lights Adorn Work Space Lounge

Our Coolhaus pendants in Crystal glass make another appearance in the cafe, again adorning a community table. In the same section of the hotel, a linear grouping of our Axia and Delinea pendants in Crystal glass hang above the bar, helping to visually define the space. Along with the Trove modern pendant light, our Axia and Delinea pendants are part of the Crystalline Series. Their defined angles produce playful, contemporary lighting, especially in this serene setting. 

Clear Glass Pendant Lights Hang in Cafe and Bar Area

View the Crystalline Series

Modern Hotel Pendant Lighting in Clear Glass

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