Choose The Right Light Bulb for Modern Lighting

light bulbs for modern lighting

From left to right: Pinch Prisma pendant light with the Baby Plumen 001 compact flourescent bulb, incandescent Beacon bulb, and LED Beacon bulb 



Every Niche pendant light comes equipped with a standard bulb. Depending on what pendant light you choose, the standard bulb option varies, but it is usually a traditional incandescent bulb. As lighting technologies have expanded, so has Niche and our modern lighting bulb options! Lamping options and their definitions can definitely be overwhelming (trust us, we know), so we decided to break down some specifications to help you choose the right light bulb for modern lighting.


INCANDESCENT Light Bulbs for Modern Lighting

  • Fully dimmable
  • Average life is 1,500 hours



  • ~75% more efficient than standard incandescent
  • Not always dimmable
  • Improved accuracy in how they render color, so everything looks more natural and alive
  • Average Life is 8,000 hours


LED Light Bulbs for Modern Lighting

  • ~75% more efficient than standard incandescent
  • Dimmable
  • Emit almost no heat and thrive in cold locations
  • Average life is 25,000+ hours


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