Modern Pendant Lights That Come With A Bulb



Niche's unique glass shapes and signature glass colors provide you with a wide variety of pendant lighting styles to suit both your tastes and your space. Yes, every Niche pendant light comes equipped with a standard bulb at no additional cost. The standard bulb varies depending on which pendant light you choose. See two examples below.



Trove pendant light pictured with standard Incandescent Beacon bulb   Helio Chroma pendant light pictured with standard Philips SlimStyle bulb



We want you to have options! In addition to choosing your color and shape, you can also choose a different bulb instead of the standard bulb. Keep in mind that other bulb styles have an upcharge when you purchase. As seen below, a different bulb can really alter the look and feel of your pendant light.



Trove pendant light pictured with Plumen 002 bulb (+$30)   Helio Chroma pendant light pictured with Baby Plumen 001 bulb (+$30)

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