How to Replace a Lightbulb in a Pendant Light


Replacing a lightbulb in a traditional pendant light



Hold the glass strain relief as shown and carefully reach inside your pendant light from below. Unscrew the lightbulb from the threaded socket. Grab your new lightbulb, reach back inside the pendant light and screw in the new one.


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Replacing a lightbulb in a pendant light with a glass holder


For pendants with a glass holder like our Pointelle, Minaret, and Turret pendant lights, the process is a bit different. We suggest grabbing a friend to help you when replacing a lightbulb in a pendant light with a glass holder. Unscrew the glass holder screws and remove the glass holder to release the glass. Carefully set the glass aside. Unscrew the old lightbulb from the threaded socket. Then, screw your new lightbulb into the threaded socket. Fit the pendant light back under the glass holder and tighten the glass holder screws until the glass is secure. 

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Changing your bulb? While you're on the step-stool, give your glass pendant light a good cleaning too. Learn how to clean your glass pendant light here.

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