Artisanal, Honest Style as told by Lumens!

Recently, contemporary designers have been gradually moving away from mass-produced factory manufacturing, and heading towards the integrity of the handmade process. Our friends at Lumens recently highlighted several lighting brands that combine high-design with forward thinking, and beauty with efficiency.

Niche Coolhaus pendant lights in Condesa and Rose glass


Here's what they had to say about us here at Niche and our Haus Series:

Embracing the irony of opposing elements, New York's Niche Modern creates handmade pieces of art in glass. Niche's signature hand-blown glass is intended to surround vintage-style Edison bulbs, whose warm visible filaments highlight each glossy surface. The Haus Collection references design notes from historical eras, lent an especially modern angle thanks to the crystal-clear and colorful glass.



Visit some other handcrafted lighting brands that Lumens loves and take a look at even more in the full article.


modern lights by the company Graypants


modern lights by the company Castor


modern lights by the company David Trubridge

David Trubridge


Posted on 7/2/15 2:49 PM by Katie