What's Included When You Purchase a Pinch Prisma Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/21/16 2:32 PM

Ready to place an order for your new Pinch Prisma modern pendant light? Here's what comes standard with your purchase.


How to Install Your Pinch Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/18/16 8:30 PM

So, you have finally ordered our newest Pinch modern pendant light, and you can't wait to see it hanging in your home. We can't wait either! But before we see the final product, here are 4 important directions to follow when installing a Niche pendant. We always recommend a licensed electrician to install your Niche pendant for you. This and more can be found in our Pinch Product Guide


Discover Niche's Newest Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/16/16 6:00 PM


Is there anything as comforting as finding a sliver of light in the darkness? Filaments twitching, turning on their magic. Like twigs rubbing elbows, creating a spark, creating a flame. A way to find our way. We drift to the dock and climb out. Barefoot in the cool air. Dangling at the edge of the blue-black water. Reflections of the moon and our lantern light stretch out, wobble, distort across the surface. Like faces with mouths that open and close and share secrets with us. We are the only things glowing on this dark evening: the moon and this light we hold between us.


3 Ways to Customize Your Pinch Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/14/16 7:30 PM

Have you met our newest modern pendant? The reflective shape of the Pinch modern pendant light creates a sense of symmetry and balance, adding beauty to every environment. Try these 3 simple steps to easily customize your Pinch to fit your personal space. 


Explore the New Pinch Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/11/16 11:30 AM


Hang Multiple Pinch Pendants From Niche Modern Lighting Canopies

Posted on 11/10/16 10:15 AM

Niche's modern lighting canopies are the perfect way to hang several of our new Pinch pendants. From 2 pendants to a custom canopy with as many pendants as you need, we are here to help you hang all of your glass from a single junction box. Keep reading to discover different ways to hang multiple Pinch pendants in your next project. 



New Modern Pendant Light Offers an Array of Lamping Options

Posted on 11/9/16 4:30 PM

Playful and refined, our new Pinch modern pendant light is offered in a variety of colors and lamping options. From the timeless warmth of incandescent bulbs to the energy savings of new nostalgic style LED bulbs, there's a bulb choice for everyone and every environment. Here are three bulbs that look beautiful when lit inside this symmetrical silhouette. 



Watch Team Niche Create Our Newest Hand-Blown Glass Pendant Light

Posted on 11/9/16 12:00 PM

Behind every hand-blown glass pendant light is a team of experienced and talented glass artisans. In our Beacon, New York studio, we design, prototype, and produce all of our glass, including the latest addition to our luxurious lighting line. Take a look at the glass-blowing process to see how Niche crafts the new Pinch modern pendant light with care and quality in mind.


Inspirational Interiors for Your Pinch Modern Pendant Light

Posted on 11/8/16 5:30 PM

The Pinch is the newest addition to Niche's luxurious and handmade modern lighting collection. Available in the transparent Prisma glass color palette, and the bolder, more opaque Chroma glass color palette, our signature Pinch Series adds beauty and brightness to every environment. Get inspired by these three interiors with Niche's Pinch modern pendant lights.



1. Restaurant Pendant Lighting

There are endless possibilities when using multiple junction boxes to hang luxurious lighting for your restaurant. Individual dome canopies provide a classic look when hanging multiple Pinch pendants and help to visually define your space.


Pinch Series Available in Prisma and Chroma Glass Pendant Light Colors

Posted on 11/7/16 4:24 PM

Our newest glass pendant light comes in not one but two color palettes! The Pinch Prisma and Chroma Series make for a beautifully unique display on their own or when paired together. With so many color choices, the Pinch is customizable to fit your space and your personality! Get to know the new colors!