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Three Inspirational Settings for Your Coolhaus Pendants!

Still seeking inspiration?  The possibilities with our Coolhaus Pendant are endless!  Here are 3 simple ideas for revitalizing your space with new lighting.

1.  Simple Symmetry: Living Room Lighting

Two pendants of the same color create symmetry in a living room, beside a couch and above two end tables.  Try hanging them lower for a more intimate environment and cozy up on the sofa with a good book!

2.  Coupled Colors: Entryway Lighting

Using multiple pendants in different colors, liven up the entryway of your home!  Coolhaus Pendants in a duo of colors create a refreshing way to say “Welcome!” to both you and your guests in your foyer.

3.  Luminous Lengths: Bathroom Lighting

Our pendants look great in a bathroom setting, especially when hanging at different lengths amongst mirror, tile, and other reflective surfaces.  They even compliment simple metallic sink and cabinet fixtures with their multi-faceted sheen.

Team Niche hopes you’re no longer stumped with where to hang your Coolhaus Pendants.  Looking for more tips? Get our new Product Guides!

How It’s Made: The Coolhaus Pendant

Meet our Hot Shop Team!  The show couldn’t go on without them here at Niche!  Whether it is your first time watching, or you’re a seasoned glass artist, the magic behind glass blowing never fails to fascinate!  Take a look at our still images of the Coolhaus Pendant in progress, but be sure to get the full experience by watching the video!

Enjoy unique, handmade items and like what you see?  Browse the Coolhaus collection here!

Monday Morning Musings

On Monday mornings we want to give you a bit of inspiration to get your week going! Here’s a sketch of our Coolhaus Pendant and a quote from Le Corbusier, a pioneer of modern architecture during the early 20th century. Team Niche hopes this motivates your day!


Want to see more?  Take a peek inside our Coolhaus Pendant Product Guide! Click here to get the guide!

Inside the Coolhaus

Earlier this fall, Niche released the Coolhaus Modern Pendant as a part of our sophisticated Haus Series lighting collection.  The Coolhaus Pendant is a tribute to the Art Deco period, an influential style that flourished during the early 20th century.  Art Deco combines traditional craft motifs with imagery and materials of the Machine Age, also present in that era.  We find that our Coolhaus Pendant falls somewhere in between delicate and dignified, with clean, symmetrical lines and a bold array of colors.  The Coolhaus pays homage to its lighting forefathers with a nostalgic globe-style bulb and three different hardware finishes for a time-honored look and feel, including Aged Brass, Polished Nickel, and Brushed Nickel.  Where will your Coolhaus Pendants take you?

Coolhaus Pendant in Amber

Maybe you’ll find yourself in a dark, elegant lounge, glistening in the gold tones of our pendants, that’s enough for Le Corbusier to change his mind about once saying ”chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois” when he sees how nicely the Coolhaus fits in with both!

Coolhaus Pendant in Plum

Getting sent to the principal’s office in grade school could have been way less of a bummer if he knew how to decorate!  Don’t be afraid to use all of the primary colors at once to balance warm and cool hues.

Coolhaus Pendant in Opaline

It appears as if the Phantom of the Opera resides here, but don’t worry, we all know he secretly has a soft side, especially for pendant lighting!  Our ethereal, translucent Opaline Pendants find a cozy corner with ivory keys and candles for haunting but refined furnishings.

Coolhaus Pendants in Sapphire

Take a step backwards to 1960 into the set of AMC’s Mad Men and their classy NYC advertising agency, and you’ll see the appeal of the timeless nature of the Coolhaus pendant.

Coolhaus Pendants in Condesa and Amber 

Finally, even the smallest of spaces, a pied-à-terra, need an adventurous boost of color and pattern, to make your home-away-from home desirable and fun.  Sit back, relax, spin some records, and make your bohemian dwelling one cool haus with our enchanting pendants!

Coolhaus? Cool colors!

The introduction of our Coolhaus Pendant brings an array of brilliant, new colors!   Are you feeling casual and traditional like Crystal?  Or maybe rustic and subdued like Chocolate or Gray?  Seeking a a playful pop?  Try Condesa and Rose!  The Coolhaus has a hue for everyone, every mood, and every space!


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The new Crystalline Series embraces playful, fresh colors and bold defined angles but never strays far from Niche’s core design principles of simplicity and elegance in modern lighting. The Crystalline series is available in four shapes: the Trove, Axia, Calla and Delinea and comes in a wide array of Niche’s signature transparent colors. The Crystalline Series is nominated for Interior Design Magazine’s Best of the Year Awards. Vote for the Crystalline Series in the best new pendant lighting category today!


Inspired by nostalgic glass shapes, the Niche Haus Series neatly balances tradition with beauty. As with all of our pendant lights, each piece is hand-blown in New York, keeping alive the timeless craft of glass blowing. Our trademark glass colors create a modern and sophisticated take on these iconic silhouettes. The Haus Series is in the running for the best new pendant lighting of 2014 by Interior Design Magazine. Vote for the Haus Series today! There’s only one day left to cast your vote.

Niche x Plumen

Plumen, the creators of award-winning florescent light bulbs, recently spoke with our creative director, Jeremy Pyles, about our latest collection of energy efficient pendant lighting.  The Crystalline Series was designed with Plumen bulbs in mind, and is quite possibly the most versatile of any Niche pendant collection to date!  The Crystalline lamping system can be configured for 120V or 240V and is perfect for both domestic and international use.  While a classic tubular incandescent bulb still remains an option, the Plumen epitomizes a modern, eye-catching aesthetic.

The angles and edges of the Crystalline pendants pair flawlessly with the sophisticated, sculptural shape of the Plumen bulb. With its’ attractive form, the Plumen bulb allows customers to make an environmentally sound choice without having to compromise on elegance and style. Plumen bulbs are designed to be shown instead of hidden, and Niche’s vivid translucent glass pendants make this unique bulb a centerpiece, rather than an afterthought. The Baby Plumen Bulb 001 is available now worldwide.

Check out the Baby Plumen 001!