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Our fall factory sale is just around the corner on Saturday, November 8th!  Niche samples and nearly perfect factory seconds will be 50-80% off for one day only in our Beacon, New York factory. November is a great time to take a trip to the Hudson Valley, and this year our factory sale falls on Beacon’s Second Saturday Art Walk.  Visit galleries, shop local boutiques, and quench your cravings with great food and drink!  Want to plan your autumn adventure? Get directions and great insider tips about Beacon in our new factory sale guidebook. We look forward to meeting you!

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Miss Clara Hotel

Architect Gert Wingård has transformed what was once an old all-girls school into what is now one of Stockholm’s most coveted getaways!  The Miss Clara Hotel, named for the first headmistress of the former school, embodies a minimalist aesthetic, drawing influence from the Art Nouveau period of the early 1900s, when the building was originally constructed.  Despite extensive renovations, the building still sports original stairway banisters and windows.  Over the last 100 years many changes have been made within the walls of Miss Clara Hotel, but modern functionality incorporated with timeless design plays a key role in every inch!

Miss Clara Hotel

The visible contrast between the rich, dark wooden floors and the stark white walls of each guest room is striking.

Amber Quill 5 Pendant Chandelier in Miss Clara Hotel

The Quill 5 Chandelier with Aurora glass is carefully paired with the shiny, amber colored grain of the wood table to bring life to an otherwise gray toned dining room.

Amber Quill 5 Pendant Chandelier in Miss Clara Hotel

Find yourself in Sweden?  To learn more and book your stay at Miss Clara, click here!

All Work and No Play? No Way! Team Niche Goes Bowling!

Michael (on the right with arms crossed), had the highest score of the night and Britney (center above blue bowling ball), was our gutter ball extraordinaire!

With a stroke of luck, Jeremy started the night off right by bowling a STRIKE on the first frame!  We don’t think he had another one the rest of the night but there were a lot of us making it rain X’s!  The competition was fierce and the stakes were high, but it was Michael who walked away with the trophy and Britney gracefully accepted the gutter ball award and consolation prize.  We hope to do this again soon and perhaps the highly coveted “Bowling Keeps Me Rolling”  mug will be up for grabs again!  Thank you Jeremy for a fun night!

Inside the Schoolhaus

Our new Schoolhaus Pendant pays homage to nostalgic glass shapes and creates balance between time-honored forms and modern-day aesthetics.  In the 1920s, bare bulbs found shelter in opaque glass globes hanging from classrooms, libraries, courthouses and kitchens.  With their crisp, pragmatic lines and light-diffusing shades, schoolhouse lights were a popular choice anywhere duties took place and ambient light was needed. As demand increased, the original white flared globe soon took on hand-painted color, more geometric forms, and fancier metal fittings.  Niche is now offering a new variety of translucent colored glass along with three different metal hardware finishes to further advance the evolution of this timeless lighting silhouette.   Where do you see your Schoolhaus Pendant today?

Schoolhaus Pendant in Opaline

It seems as if this designer already has some bright ideas brewing!  The smooth, frosty aura of our Opaline colored Pendant further illustrates the neat and orderly simplicity found in this drafting studio.

Schoolhaus Pendants in Sapphire and Chocolate

Within the elegant clutter of a rustic artist’s studio, the Schoolhaus Pendant appreciates a good, old-fashioned study of the color wheel.  Go ahead and take a risk with multiple pendants in two complimentary colors!

Schoolhaus Pendant in Rose

For a true antiquarian-meets-contemporary twist, try mixing the new Aged Brass finish with a rich, rose pink.  The sophisticated Schoolhaus is sure to dress and impress inside your home or workspace!

Lake Alvamar

Poolehaus Residential Design and Paul Werner Architects have teamed up to create an incredible house on Lake Alvamar in Lawrence, Kansas. The main focus of the space is on the kitchen and dining area which feature high vaulted ceilings as well as an open floor plan.

Encalmo Stamen Pendants in Lake Alvamar Dining Room

Above the dining room table hang four of Niche’s own, Encalmo-Stamen in Sapphire/Chocolate. We love the way the prominent orange tones in the room complement the blue hues of the glass pendants.

Encalmo Stamen Pendants in Lake Alvamar Dining Room

Photos property of Poolehaus Residential Design, for more images click here.

One-room Schoolhaus, Eleven Colors!

Inspired by historic glass shapes, the Niche Schoolhaus Pendant neatly balances tradition with beauty.  Our sleek and streamlined design provides a modern twist on an antiquarian style, especially when coupled with a medley of bold colors.  There are 11 to choose from, which colors are you favorite?


Shop the collection here!


Three Inspirational Settings for Your Coolhaus Pendants!

Still seeking inspiration?  The possibilities with our Coolhaus Pendant are endless!  Here are 3 simple ideas for revitalizing your space with new lighting.

1.  Simple Symmetry: Living Room Lighting

Two pendants of the same color create symmetry in a living room, beside a couch and above two end tables.  Try hanging them lower for a more intimate environment and cozy up on the sofa with a good book!

2.  Coupled Colors: Entryway Lighting

Using multiple pendants in different colors, liven up the entryway of your home!  Coolhaus Pendants in a duo of colors create a refreshing way to say “Welcome!” to both you and your guests in your foyer.

3.  Luminous Lengths: Bathroom Lighting

Our pendants look great in a bathroom setting, especially when hanging at different lengths amongst mirror, tile, and other reflective surfaces.  They even compliment simple metallic sink and cabinet fixtures with their multi-faceted sheen.

Team Niche hopes you’re no longer stumped with where to hang your Coolhaus Pendants.  Looking for more tips? Get our new Product Guides!