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Niche x Plumen




Check out our latest video to find out more about Niche’s global lighting options. Our Crystalline Series was designed to pair perfectly with Plumen’s low energy compact fluorescent bulbs. We think our transparent hand-blown glass pendants and Plumen’s sculptural bulbs are the perfect match of style, efficiency and design, don’t you?

8 Reasons To Love Hand-Blown Glass

Need a reason to love hand-blown glass? Here’s a hint: We do more than just lighting!  One of our favorite design blogs, Dwell, covered a plethora of Niche favorites. Click here to discover 8 Reasons to Love Hand-Blown Glass!


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Niche @ Euroluce 2015!


Italy, here we come! Niche is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting in our first international trade show this spring, Euroluce! This week-long event is held in Milan, Italy and attracts nearly 300,000 visitors from across the globe! Euroluce translates to “Year of Light” and that couldn’t be a better name for the most important lighting fair in the world. The prestigious show only happens every two years and is part of Salone del Mobile, which is considered the benchmark of the home-furnishing industry for over 50 years. Niche’s sophisticated combination of timeless silhouettes and fresh, playful glass colors are sure to be the sought-after rookie at a veteran of a trade show.

We just prepared this crate full of Niche products to ship to Milan! What’s inside? Stay tuned to find out!


If you can’t join us in Italy, you can still shop for Niche products right here!

Made with Love, Made in the USA


“When you get a Niche product, it’s important that you know that it’s made by real human beings in New York, in a glass studio that we built from the ground up. And while that’s difficult, it’s much more rewarding to us,” begins Jeremy Pyles, Niche’s Creative Director.

For the last 50 years, many companies have designed their products in the United States, but have them made overseas. Products are made incredibly cheap, but in turn, a lot of information gets lost in translation. While the prices are lower, the quality suffers. Manufacturing in the United States, in our own backyard of Beacon, New York, allows us to keep a keen eye on quality.

“From a designer’s perspective, it allows me to go down to the studio every day, to see what’s happening, to try new ideas with our team, and to experiment- which opens up so many possibilities that I wouldn’t be able to pursue if I was working with some factory overseas,” he continues.

According to a recent nationally representative survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 78 percent of Americans that were given a choice between an identical product made in the the U.S. and one made abroad, would rather buy the American product.  (Huffington Post).

Those surveyed explained why: some cited the desired to retain American manufacturing jobs, while others expressed concerns about child laborers and unsafe working environments overseas. Overall, the respondents indicated they would be willing to pay extra to buy American.

Consumers are more inclined to know of and be informed about what’s behind their products. Americans are willing to spend more when the goods purchased are aligned with our own values.  We care about organic and fair trade products, socially and environmentally friendly products, and, of course, locally produced products- that’s where Niche finds it’s place.


“Every detail that goes into the making of a Niche product results from a lot of love and care. We melt the most pristine raw materials, and that makes the most beautiful glass, and from that point, each shape is made by hand by a very skilled team of individuals,” Jeremy says.

“I think that when most people understand the complexity of our products and how difficult they are to make, they’re willing to pay our higher price knowing that it’s made by hand, by a team here in New York.”

A Hot Find in a San Diego Lifestyle Mag!

Are the dull, dingy winter days starting to get to you? Well, San Diego Home & Garden Magazine featured our Schoolhaus Pendant to remind you that brighter days and brilliant hues are on the horizon! Their Hot Finds excerpt highlights two Schoolhaus Pendants in our signature Amber and Condesa glass with our Brushed Nickel finish.


Start thinking ahead to spring! Shop the 11 vivid colors of our Haus Series!

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Kristin Lance on winning a Niche pendant! Thank you to all who entered our Instagram contest!Winner_Image

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