Niche Modern Lighting

Southern California Home Features Stamen Pendant Lights

Inspired by his childhood in South Africa, the owner wanted a clean and modern structure for his private paradise. Architects at Laidlaw Schultz, adhering to their philosophy of creating a cohesive whole between the indoors and out, incorporated the same stone flooring inside as was used on the pool deck. The cabinetry and its reflective surface pair well with Niche Modern’s hanging Stamen pendant light. The Stamen pendant in Sapphire enhances the integrated theme with its light tone and stands on its own with a deep hue. It is very simple, but modern and sleek. This take on our pendants is a great way to think about utilizing natural light and our blown glass pendants to create eco-friendly designs.

Niche Modern Stamen Pendants in Sapphire

Niche Modern Stamen Pendants

Niche Modern Hanging Stamen Pendants in Sapphire

Niche Modern Hanging Stamen Pendants

Location: Southern California
References: California Home+Design
Architect, Designer: Laidlaw Schultz
Photographer: John Ellis
Hanging Pendant Lights Used: Stamen Modern Pendant in Sapphire

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