Italian Home Features Hand-Blown Pendant Lighting

Posted on 5/14/19 12:30 PM

Located in the Alpine town of Merano, House T consists of two merging structures, which due to the landscape are slightly offset in height. Designed by Monovolume Architecture & Design, the home features a sprawling glass facade, letting in as much natural light as possible. The addition of hand-blown glass pendant lights in the dining room complements the structure's overall open and airy aesthetic. We're thrilled with the result.



Seattle Home Undergoes Transformation on a Budget, Includes Hand-Blown Pendants

Posted on 5/7/19 3:15 PM

Situated in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia, this modern home underwent a complete renovation on a limited budget. Rerucha Studio carefully chose materials that were economical but sustainable. “With a modest budget, you choose selectively. It’s like an outfit, Prada shoes, and a Gap t-shirt is just fine — you do not need all Prada." We're excited to share this transformation with you, especially the kitchen, which includes hand-blown Niche pendants.



Mill Valley Kitchen Features Hand-Blown Solitaire Pendant Lights

Posted on 4/29/19 4:00 PM

A family of three living in Mill Valley, California called upon Elena Calabrese to complete a full cosmetic remodel of their home. Each room enhances the spectacular landscape that surrounds the property. We may be biased, but our favorite room in this home is the kitchen, which features hand-blown Niche pendant lighting.


Niche Showcases Hand-Blown Pendants at High Point Market

Posted on 4/25/19 12:15 PM

We would like to thank everyone who came to see us at the High Point Market earlier this month. For those of you who aren't familiar with High Point, it is one of the largest furnishings industry trade shows in the world, which brings more than 75,000 design-enthusiasts to North Carolina. It was an honor to showcase some of our new collection alongside our tried-and-true designs. 



High-Rise Apartment in Philadelphia Undergoes Renovation, Features Hand-Blown Pendant Lights

Posted on 4/16/19 10:50 AM

A woman called on the help of Melissa + Miller Interiors to transform a 2,300-square-foot unit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that hadn't been touched since the '70s. She wanted to create a space that could accommodate her grandchildren during extended stays and guests of all ages for get-togethers.



Contemporary California Bistro Features Handmade Crystal Pendant Lighting

Posted on 4/4/19 4:13 PM

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Porta Via Palisades offers delectable dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From their signature French toast to flavorful soups, fresh fish, and an array of delicately seasoned side dishes, Porta Via delights its guests no matter the hour. Even the restaurant's design, which is bright and airy, creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone that passes by in the famous shopping district to drop in for a bite to eat.



Century-Old Brick Tudor Features Hand-Blown Pendant Lights, Wins IIDA Award

Posted on 3/19/19 11:20 AM

A couple living in Boston enlisted Hacin + Associates to help them rearrange a century-old brick Tudor in Newton, Massachusetts for themselves and their young daughter. What was once a cluttered configuration of rooms is now a 3,600-square-foot home that allows the family to float through effortlessly. The transformation is so breathtaking; it received well-deserved praise as the IIDA Award Winner. We're thrilled that hand-blown Niche pendant lights found their way into this space.



Austin Residence Features Hand-Crafted Modern Pendant Lights

Posted on 3/12/19 3:28 PM

Located in Austin, Texas, Rockingham's modern design drew inspiration from the property's typography. Forsite Studio was able to create a cohesive home that flows naturally between the outdoors and indoors, incorporating large windows into the open floorplan that let in an abundance of natural light and give views of protected oak trees. Inside, the design mimics the natural surroundings, with a neutral color palette and locally-sourced cedar. Keep reading to see how Niche hand-blown pendants found their way here.



Modern Hotel Pendant Lighting featured in Commercial During 91st Academy Awards

Posted on 3/4/19 3:50 PM

During the 91st Academy Awards last weekend, a commercial in between red carpet runways and best actor announcements caught our eye. Marriot Bonvoy, a new hotel loyalty program and a sponsor of the event, showcased some of their many luxurious resorts - one of them being the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai, which has been bringing people together since 2014.


Financial Credit Union in Phoenix Features Eye-Catching Solitaire Pendant Clusters

Posted on 2/27/19 12:00 PM

The Desert Financial Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona underwent a complete renovation. The existing bank experienced a full demolition and rebuild of the lobby and adjacent offices. The result is comfortable and clean, inviting patrons to enjoy their time in the establishment.





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