The Niche Coldshop Team Finishes Hand-Blown Glass Lighting

Hand-blown Glass Lighting - In Process, Coldshop


After the hotshop team blows a piece of glass, it's up to the coldshop team to carry the torch and finish the process. In the coldshop, each glass pendant is hand-cut, drilled, ground, beveled and polished to ensure a perfect finish.


To cut each piece, a glass scorer traces a line around the circumference. A torch is then applied to the score line to create tension, thus breaking the glass in a controlled line (shown above).


Hand-blown Glass Lighting - In Process, Coldshop


The glass is then drilled on center for the cord set to later be inserted. After drilling, the glass is wet-sanded by hand on rotating wheel heads to make sure the glass edge is level and smooth. A bevel is applied to each pendant to remove any glass chips and provide a clean finish (shown below).


Hand-blown Glass Lighting - In Process, Coldshop


Finally, the glass is polished, rinsed and inspected before sending into the warehouse to be packed. Love watching us create hand-blown glass lighting? Read more about our process or watch us in action.


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Posted on 9/12/16 4:43 PM by Jessica