See How the Encalmo Pendant Light Is Handmade in Our State-of-the-Art Hot Shop

It is our pleasure to introduce the latest addition to Niche's hand-blown pendant line: the Encalmo. Created by implementing the Venetian technique of fusing two separate entities of glass into one single piece, the Encalmo Grand and Petite celebrates inspired, sensual design. The Encalmo is available in both pendant and sconce form in our Gray-Crystal color combination.

Every Encalmo silhouette is handmade by a team of talented glass artisans in our state-of-the-art Hot Shop. Learn more about our glass-blowing process to see how this stunning shape comes to life.





The gaffer shapes the molten glass in a wet block, which is typically made of cherry wood, creating a cushion of steam that helps the bubble move smoothly and take shape. After, two Hot Shop members each create a cup, working together throughout the process to make sure they are the same size and width. This make take several tries to perfect before moving on to the next stage. 




2. Encalmo

This step is where our pendant gets its name. Two pieces of glass that have been carefully worked by our Hot-Shop team are fused together to create a single silhouette.





Next, the gaffer will inflate the rounded mass of glass in the mold, a technique that is called mold blowing. The gather expands within the wooden frame and eventually takes the shape of the Encalmo pendant.





A wrap, or a small gather of glass on an additional pipe, is used to stop cracks from traveling through the pendant. This technique will ensure that when the gaffer removes the glass from the blowpipe, it will not splinter and jeopardize the quality of the final product. A Hot Shop member then suits up with heat-resistant gear and holds the glass as it cracks off the pipe. Then it is "boxed," or put into the annealer to be gradually cooled and cold-worked. The final (and most exciting) step is packing and shipping the Encalmo pendants for their new home.


Celebrate Inspired, Sensual Design

Posted on 6/21/19 10:00 AM by Samantha




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