Pinterest Inspired Home Includes Niche Modern Kitchen Pendant Lights

Smoke Solitaire Pendants Hang in the Open Kitchen

A creative couple with two toddlers approached Lewis / Schoeplein Architects during the process of house hunting. With a very specific idea in mind, the clients were in search of a home that represented "modern California with a touch of Texas." Fostered by a shared vision of the final result and copious use of Pinterest boards, the architects embarked on one of the most collaborative projects of their career. Soon after the designs were mapped out, the renovation of this mid-century Ranch-syle house began, making way for the ultimate transformation that fulfilled exactly what the family wanted. We are so thrilled that the finished project includes Niche modern kitchen pendant lights.

Smoke Glass Complements Gray Cabinetry and Geometric Backsplash

A trio of our Solitaire pendants in Smoke glass hangs from individual junction boxes above the open concept kitchen. The subdued color of our Smoke glass is the perfect choice for this interior, complementing the quartz countertops, geometric backsplash, and paneled appliances. The subtle warmth from the olive-colored hue of our pendants also works well with the medium tone hardwood floors.

Smoke Solitaire Pendants Included in the Final Vision of California Home

"We wanted something modern and simple but with personality to hang above the open the kitchen," says Lewis. "The clean lines of the Niche pendants complement the style of the house and work well with the classic modern furnishings. Choosing the smoke colored glass gives the light in the room a beautiful warm glow."

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Steven House Project Details

Architect Lewis/Schoeplein Architects

Photographer Izumi Tanaka

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