Niche Employee Spotlight: Jess

grinding glass pendant light


Meet one of the Nichelings, Jess! With an artistic eye and a knack for working with her hands, Jess is a fantastic asset to our Cold Shop.


1. You have a background in ceramics, so what attracted you to working with glass?

There are very similar processes that cross over between ceramics and glass. The two go hand-in-hand because ceramic glaze really is just glass. I think it was just naturally the next step in my artistic career!


2. Favorite part about working with glass? 

I find the post-production processes to be much more forgiving than ceramics!


glass cold working grinding purple glass vessel


3. When you’re in the ceramics world, what do you enjoy making the most? Do you have any other art or design related hobbies?

I love making functional ceramics. There's something about drinking coffee out of a mug you created from a ball of clay that is so rewarding. I consider myself to be a multi-media artist, though, because I'm trained in graphic design, metal, drawing, printmaking, and continue to branch out!


4. What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combination? Why?

The Crimson Minaret glass pendant light. There's something very Moroccan about its style that stands out to me. I think it's a great piece that's very versatile.


washing glass pendant light


5. What’s your favorite spot in Beacon or the Hudson Valley? Why?

The Walkway Over The Hudson will always hold a spot in my heart. It's around the corner from my first apartment and it symbolizes my growth as an individual.


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Posted on 9/30/15 4:56 PM by Katie