Inspirational Interiors for Your Pinch Modern Pendant Light

The Pinch is the newest addition to Niche's luxurious and handmade modern lighting collection. Available in the transparent Prisma glass color palette, and the bolder, more opaque Chroma glass color palette, our signature Pinch Series adds beauty and brightness to every environment. Get inspired by these three interiors with Niche's Pinch modern pendant lights.


Restaurant Modern Pendant Lighting


1. Restaurant Pendant Lighting

There are endless possibilities when using multiple junction boxes to hang luxurious lighting for your restaurant. Individual dome canopies provide a classic look when hanging multiple Pinch pendants and help to visually define your space.

Dining Room Modern Pendant Lighting

2. Dining Room Pendant Lighting

Designing a dining room? Multi-pendant canopies are perfect if you're planning on hanging more than one pendant over your table top, and they only require a single electrical junction box. Hang 2, 3, 4, or 5 evenly spaced Pinch pendants in a straight line using a Linear Canopy — the color and drop length are up to you, making each installation unique!


Living Room Modern Pendant Lighting

3. Living Room Pendant Lighting

A cluster of Pinch pendants with various drop lengths makes for a truly dazzling display, especially when they hang from a custom canopy. Contact us and we'll get to work on your unique installation today!


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Posted on 11/8/16 5:30 PM by Samantha