Glass Pendant Lighting Entices Customers into Modern Juice Bar

amber glass pendant lighting above counter

Krokodile Pear is Vancouver's hippest, cold-pressed juice bar with two neighborhood locations in Yaletown and Kitsilano. Don't let the term "juice bar" scare you away, though. Krokodile Pear doesn't believe in charging $13 a bottle for the privileged few. They cater to anyone that wants to be well and feel well through the transformative powers of daily, cold-pressed juice. Locally-sourced ingredients, and state-of-the-art presses that minimize waste aren't just the only highlights. Take a closer look at the Kitsilano location, the modern interior matches this up-and-coming neighborhood's vibe.

window signs in juice bar cafe

House of Bohn is an award-winning Vancouver-based interior design and concept creation firm specializing in a broad range of industries including hospitality, office, retail, commercial and residential. As a juice bar cafe and retail location, Krokodile Pear picked the right designer!

modern interior of juice bar cafe

The juice bar sports a monochromatic palette with sleek white countertops and silver stools and fixtures. A gray marble pattern in the cabinetry adds a subtle pattern against the pristine counter. Paired with the neutral-toned, funky tiled floor and graphical typography on the windows and menus, an organized chaos comes to fruition.

amber glass pendant lighting above counter in juice bar

The pop of color within this utilitarian, space-age design comes from Niche's best-selling Pharos pendant light! The three Amber glass lights gently glow over the counter as the bar's focal point. Their warmth radiates a unique welcome to passersby, signaling that Krokodile Pear is no ordinary juice bar, enticing customers to enter and try a fresh, healthy concoction!