Follow Friday: Hudson Valley Maker Kim Markel Creates by Upcycling

Kim Markel - Follow Friday



Kim Markel

In honor of "Follow Friday" and Earth Day, we are highlighting the talented Hudson Valley designer, Kim MarkelMarkel explores the nostalgia of objects, particularly those of childhood. Markel's philosophy stems from the desire to create in a responsible way. Upcycling has certainly played an important role, but Markel's approach "aims to elevate recycled plastics into a material that is organic, translucent and effervescent."


"The qualities of childhood objects- a slightly off scale, unexpected color, handmade texture, all create a sense of unbridled reality, a sense of strange magic."





Kim Markel - Glow Chairs 

Markel handcrafts her objects from a variety of recycled plastics. She is mostly known for her Glow Chairs, which are transluscent and whimsical representations of innovative repurposing. She has received several awards for her work, including the NYCxDESIGN Award for Seating by ICFF & Interior Design Magazine, The Best of Year Award by Interior Design Magazine, and most recently, the Architizer Award for Furniture in the Residential Seating category. To stay updated on Markel's latest projects, follow her Instagram page. You can continue your support for handmade products by following the Niche Instagram, too!




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Posted on 4/21/17 3:00 PM by Samantha