Victorian Update by gamble+DESIGN


Jeni Gamble of gamble + DESIGN was challenged with the update of a Victorian interior that was originally covered in pink from floor to ceiling. Not an easy task by any means!


Her stunning interior transformation radiates a calm and relaxing ambience that flows from room to room, with a focus on the little, but powerful, details such as fabric and woven textures, hardware selection, locally handcrafted wooden tables, tile and finishes.

A sun-drenched patio links to the eat-in kitchen through large sliding doors, revealing a black accent wall. This dramatic use of color could be considered unusual, but the homeowners favored this idea as a backdrop for art.

14 1st fl kitchen dining_1116

Gamble is applauded for her use of clean, modern lines, color palettes, textures, and her keen attention to light. With the incoming sunlight in mind, Gamble used a row of Niche Solitaire Pendants in Crystal to contribute to the serene luminescence of the space.

16A 1st fl kitchen dining_1071

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Posted on 11/25/14 7:08 AM by Katie