Designer Spotlight: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design




Our mission is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating the buildings that contain them. Our perspective is informed by a respect for historical architecture coupled with an appreciation of the playfulness and brightness of modern design. Our approach is flexible and responsive. We work with some clients who have a strong vision and we help them achieve it. Others are less sure and we guide them through the design process, helping them to formulate their own aesthetic as we go. 


Jessica Helgerson of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


How long have you been an interior designer?

I’ve been an interior designer my whole adult life. I was an English major in college and thought I wanted to go to law school, but studying for the LSAT cured me. It’s really the perfect job for me, it sums up all the things I like and am good at: problem solving, human relations, space planning, and making things prettier and better.


What kind of space do you enjoy designing the most?

I like variety! We love to work in new cities, and on different kinds of buildings and projects. I love redesigning beautiful, old houses, but we also have designed a video arcade, a laundry mat, a pediatric dentist office, restaurants, offices. I think it keeps us nimble.


Turn-of-the-Century Modern Home Featuring Crystal Minaret Modern Pendants


What drew you to Niche products initially?

Their beauty!


You have used Niche products in a few of your projects. Which interior featuring Niche is your favorite?

Aside from the one above, I have two! See below!

Portland Mid-Century Modern Home featuring Pod Pendants in Amber and Smoke NW 13th Ave Loft Featuring Pod Pendants in Gray Glass


What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combo? Why?

I think I like the Stamen and the Pod pendant the best. I like the way the glass tucks back in at the bottom. I like all the colors honestly. I feel like different ones work in different places.


Describe your design philosophy in one sentence.

To create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that honor and celebrate the buildings that contain them.


Oregon Beach Home Featuring Minaret modern pendant in Effervescent Glass

Project photos courtesy of Lincoln Barbour

Posted on 11/2/16 4:16 PM by Samantha