Cut Your Energy Costs with CFL and LED Bulbs

We are celebrating "National Cut Your Energy Costs Day" by telling you about an easy way to increase your energy efficiency. Saving money on your energy bill every month is as simple as swapping out your incandescent bulb with CFLs or LEDs. Both CFL and LED bulbs use less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and are available in soft, warm, and bright hues, giving you several options to make your pendant light look and feel exactly how you imagined it.

CFL and LED Bulbs in Helio Modern Pendant Lights

With a variety of unique LED bulbs to choose from, you don't have to compromise on style when making an environmentally sound choice for your pendant light. There are several benefits to using LED bulbs: not only do they require less energy to run, they are econimical and last longer than incandescent bulbs (LEDs last up to 50,000 hours). Our LED bulbs are compatible with most Lutron and Leviton dimmers to make your bulbs last even longer. To see more benefits of using LED lighting, click here. Take a look at all of our LED bulb options for Niche modern pendant lighting.

View All of Niche's LED Bulb Options

Posted on 1/11/17 11:51 AM by Samantha