How Long Do Modern Lighting Light Bulbs Last?

Every Niche modern pendant light comes equipped with a standard incandescent bulb chosen for each pendant styleNiche offers other lamping options such as LED and CFL bulbs for energy efficiency and visual aesthetics. Choosing the right type of modern lighting light bulb and installing it properly can help increase your bulb's life.


Modern Lighting Light Bulbs




Incandescent Light Bulb

The warm amber glow of the vintage style incandescent filament light bulb will provide a nostalgic feel to any environment. Incandescent bulbs typically last between 1,500 - 3,000 hours and are fully dimmable to help you increase their average life span.


CFL BulbsLED Bulbs

With a variety of unique CFL and  LED bulbs to choose from, you don't have to compromise on style when making an environmentally sound choice for your pendant light. There are several benefits to using CFL and LED bulbs: not only do they require less energy to run, they are economical. LED bulbs last 25,000 hours or about 3 years. CFL are comparable to LED bulbs with lifespan, low-energy use, and tend to be more affordable. To see more benefits of using LED lighting, click here.


To make your bulb last longer, we recommend using a dimmer on incandescent and compatible LED bulbs. Contact our sales team for a complete list of recommended pendant lighting dimmers.


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