Contemporary Condesa Glass Brings Brightness to Barcelona Kitchen

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this open concept kitchen by TPC Cocinas features a patterned ceramic backsplash and colorful appliances, which pair beautifully with Niche modern pendant lighting.

Condesa Contemporary Glass - Stamen

A single Stamen pendant in Condesa glass hangs over the kitchen table in this home. The beautiful blue hue of our Condesa glass adds a burst of brightness to this interior while complementing the colorful accents featured throughout the space. Stylish appliances, open layouts, and Niche modern lighting come together here to create a dynamic and playful interior. View other spaces with contemporary Condesa glass. 

Condesa Contemporary Glass - Stamen

The Stamen modern pendant light is truly the signature pendant of the Niche line, redefining the parameters for hand-blown glass by curving around voluptuously and tucking into itself unexpectedly. Watch our Stamen pendant being made from start to finish in a video feature for Esquire's "Handmade" series, a catalog of online videos featuring some of the most interesting handmade products.

Barcelona Kitchen with Condesa Contemporary Glass - Details

Condesa Colored Glass

Modern Kitchen Lighting Project Details

Project Name Crystal Aguamarina

Location Barcelona, Spain

Kitchen Fixtures TPC Cocinas

Construction Joviesca S.L

Products Used Stamen pendant in Condesa glass

Posted on 5/8/17 10:00 AM by Samantha