Compact Modern Lighting Works Wonders in Tight Spaces

compact modern lighting



Have a small space but don't want to compromise on style? Look no further than the Helio pendant light. This compact modern lighting is the perfect solution for the design-savvy residing in close quarters!




Two Compact Modern Lights


The Helio pendant light provides a simple silhouette and clean lines. The glass shape is not intricate but added flair comes with the customization options Helio has to offer, like glass color and bulb styles. Compact modern lighting will work wonders by your bedside, instead of adding to your already cluttered bedside table with a table lamp. Try a Helio pendant light on either side of your bed, using individual junction boxes, to create symmetry and a realxing glow as your day comes to an end.





compact modern lighting 




Three Compact Modern Lights


With the Helio pendant light, it doesn't always have to be about balance. The no-frills shape makes Helio appealing to cluster together at varying heights. It's easy to hang three pendant lights with a lighting canopy. Take a look at our Circular-3 multi-pendant canopy collection to get started on planning your compact modern lighting trio.


compact modern lighting





Four or More Compact Modern Lights


Even in a tight corner, you can squeeze four or more Helio pendant lights together in a cluster with no problem. This cluster of six compact modern lights makes for a stunning end table lighting display that will draw your eye around the interior, no matter how small the room. We offer several options to hang big groupings of pendant lights, or we can create something custom just for you!










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Posted on 6/23/16 12:15 PM by Katie