Choose the Perfect Pointelle Glass Color

amber glass modern pendant light


Amber Glass Color

The Pointelle pendant in our signature Amber glass color radiates a warm, alluring glow perfect for any interior where you want a comfortable and cozy feeling. This luxurious, honey-colored hue is certainly sweet for any welcoming environment.


textured glass pendant light


Effervescent Glass Color

Classic Crystal glass gets a bubbly lift with our unique Effervescent glass. Both playful and tasteful, Effervescent seems to add a raindrop effect to the already raindrop-shaped Pointelle pendant!


gray glass pendant light


Gray Glass Color

Gray is anything but drab! Gray evokes an exquisite sophistication that is both inviting and mysterious, especially for the Pointelle pendant. Whether you pair Gray with tile, marble, or textures, it is sure to bring a refined balance to any interior.


blue glass pendant light


Sapphire Glass Color

The bold and beautiful blue of the Sapphire glass sparkles just as much as its gemstone namesake. Pair the Pointelle pendant in Sapphire with neutrals so it really stands out in the crowd.


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Posted on 11/11/15 2:39 PM by Katie