Inspirational Interiors for Your Bella Modern Pendant Light

The Bella modern pendant light lends itself beautifully to environments where repetition is appropriate for high impact, such as a row of lights over a kitchen counter or a cafe bar. Get inspired by three modern interiors with this stunning silhouette. 


Modern Kitchen Lighting Bella Modern Pendant

1. Modern Kitchen Lighting

Breathe new life into your kitchen with our Bella modern pendants. Hang them in a straight line from our Linear-5 Modern Chandelier to create a stunning kitchen island display, no measuring required!

Modern Dining Room Lighting Bella Modern Pendant

2. Modern Dining Room Lighting

Traditional track lighting makes it easy to hang multiple Bella pendants over a dining room table. Make a bold statement by staggering the drop lengths or mixing the glass colors for a truly unique display.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Bella Modern Pendant

3. Modern Bathroom Lighting

Get ready for your close-up! Hang Bella pendants from multiple junction boxes on either side of your vanity to bring balance to your space.


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Posted on 2/17/17 4:00 PM by Samantha