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What Are the Brightest Niche Modern Pendants?

Written by Samantha | 2/8/17 8:49 PM

Niche lights are best used as accent lamping to provide a warm, intimate glow. We recommend installing alternative lighting for functionality. For maximum impact, try grouping these brightest Niche modern pendants together. 

Available in a fresh color palette, the Helio Chroma pendant is designed for versatility. These pendants use an array of different lamping options, but come standard with the Phillips Slim Style LED (800 lumens), which is our brightest bulb.





Any pendant with multiple bulbs, such as the Terra (600 lumens) or Binary (580 lumens) pendants are among the brightest in the Niche product line as well. If you want the maximum amount of light, consider our luxurious CrystalAmber, and Effervescent glass — these emit the brightest glow since they are the lightest in color. 











Beyond that, pendants paired with the Incandescent Long Filament bulb (430 lumens), including the Pod, Stamen, Bella, Bell Jar, Pharos, and Ellipse Grand pendants, provide a luminous glow. Alternatively, LED bulbs give off a brighter white light and tend to last about 25x longer while using a fraction of the energy. Learn more about the benefits of LED bulbs here







Our pendants are wired with 120V / E26 sockets that fit medium-based threaded bulbs. The maximum wattage for each pendant is 100 watts with the exception of the Minaret, Turret, and Pointelle which has a maximum of 60 watts. This means you can pair any compatible bulb with our pendant lights. Use a higher wattage LED bulb to increase your output.