It's World Water Day!

RIGHT NOW is your chance to do something amazing!
You can donate $20 and give 1 person clean water for life, or you can donate $1000 and bring 25 people clean water for life… thats a BIG deal! With your $1000 donation, Niche will send you a hand-made custom designed H20 Bottle to thank you for contributing to our H2O Kenya campaign. Of course we know not everyone can afford do that, which is why if you donate $500 or even $250 Niche will send you a gift of our Meridian Votive in a special blue color. We can’t reach our goal without you. 100% of your donation truly goes straight to the people of Kenya.
Thank you for giving the gift of clean water, Happy World Water Day!


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Posted on 3/21/14 9:10 AM by Britney